Hermann Historica
This international - and German-based - auction-house is naturally well known within the collectors' community for offering extraordinary and high-quality items within all fields of "militaria-related collecting" in the widest possible range. Their bi-annually held auctions - which are superbly described in their catalogues and which are also easy accessible on-line - are a must for ANY serious collector and are naturally most reccomended by me. Simply a "must-see"!

Please have a look at this web-site that is run by my friend Mark Hofstede. Mark is specialised in various paper-work such as Soldbucher, Wehrpasses, award-documents (single ones and/or larger groups), posters, post-cards, photos etc. so a visit to his new web-site is strongly recommended! A must see...

WWII museum in Ambleteuse
Whenever you have chance to do so, you simply have to pay a visit to this great museum, which is situated on the coastal road, a few kilometers from Boulogne sur mer, between Calais and Wimereux. There are more than 120 splendid and truly original mannequins on display! The museum - which is actually the superb collection of my friend Denis and his son Eric - shows the various WWII campaigns and has thousands of original items on display. A true must! Please visit their nice web-site to have a first impression...

Giel's Militaria
My friend Giel is world-wide known for his excellent knowledge on German military awards and decorations. Giel specialises in medals and decorations but also has a wide range of other military items such as award-documents and photographs. Simply a great source for original items! If you are not yet registered in his data-base yet pls. ensure that you do this ASAP...highly reccomended!

Military Antiques of Stockholm
This is an superb site full of authentic WWII German military antiques. They specialise in German stuff but also offer a selection of other nations militaria. Their regular up-dates are well known within the collectors world and very popular: Peter von Lukacs and his Team always manage to find a wide array of stunning items, so make sure you note their up-date calendar!

IMCS Militaria
Finally my friend Mark van Thiel decided to offer his items by using the Concept 500 web-site....Pls. have a look at a wide array of neat German- and Allied items!

Clements Trading
The company Clements Trading in Elst (Gld.) specialises in WWII US and British military antiques but also offers a wide range of original German WWII stuff. They also offer a wide range of re-enactor material and are specialised in vintage WWII Harley Davidson motorcycles (WLA & WLC's) and parts.

German Combat Awards (GCA)
Whenever you are in need of some advice regarding any German award or want to discuss an issue or check a maker or specific type, the best place to visit is simply the GCA. The annual subscription is worth every penny and is warmly reccomended by me! A great place for the serious medal-collector!

Hannahs Reich
This is definetely one of the great sites I warmly recommend! If you do need some great SS insignia, uniforms and or documents (or have something to offer regarding the SS) just have a look at the site of my friend Martin Stiles. Great original stuff for reasonable and fair prices! You can always mail Martin whenever you have some SS-related questions....he is one of the experts in the field. Pls. have a look and see for yourself!

This is well-known site in the collector's world that specialises in both Dutch NSB material, German WWII items, medals, badges, uniforms and equipment. The sites' owner Willem is since years a good friend and is well known for the originality and quality of the items he is offering! A nice addition to my own site!

Militaria Plaza
This is a fairly new (Dutch-based) web-site full of great militaria which is owned and operated by my friend Jim. Just have a look at his items or sent him a mail for additional information! A nice addition in the militaria world!

Baugnez Historical Centre
Great WWII museum in Baugnez (Belgian Ardennes). Whenever you have chance to do so, you simply have to pay a visit to this great museum, which is situated in the town of Baugnez in the Belgian Ardennes. The museum is located in the heart of the East Cantons, 4 kilometres away from Malmedy, direction Waimes and Luxemburg and 15 kilometres away from the highest point of Belgium, the Signal of Botrange. When visiting the museum, you can take the opportunity of also visiting the splendid region wherin the museum is situated. There are loads of nicely equipped and truly original mannequins as well as some beautifully restored period vehicles on display! The museum - which is actually the superb collection of my friend Matthieu and his dad - shows the various WWII campaigns and has thousands of original items on display. A true must! Please visit their nice web-site to have a first impression...

Original German Militaria.com
This a very nice (and recently upgraded!) site full of interesting items which I definitely will recommend. John has a superb array of original WWII German artifacts on offer with a specific reference to SS-insignia and belt-buckles. Please have a look: Nice items assured!

Alsace Direct Militaria
This is a fairly new site that was started by my long time friend Gerald...who is well known in the collectors' community for his nice quality items! So please have a look at his web-site! I am sure you'll find some nice items there! Gerald specialises in great WWI and WWII items and is also known for his knowledge in political TR items.....A must see web-site!

Dead Man's Corner Museum & Military Shop
This is a MUST when you visit Normandy: the historical museum of my friend Michel de Trez. Michel is known for his expert knowledge on the Normandy battle and has a great museum (Dead Man's Corner Museum 2, Village de l'Amont in 50500 Saint-Come-du-Mont, France). The museum also accomodates a shop full of authentic WWII artifacts (US and German!). Please see his neat web-sites for more details and information! The addresses are as follows: Airborne Museum = http://www.paratrooper-museum.org Book Store = http://www.d-day-publishing.be Military Shop = http://www.paratrooper.fr

Clements' Militaria
Please visit my friend Michael's new web-site which provides a wide array of original WWII militaria (US, GB and German!)....he really has a nice stock of fine items! Pls. feel free to have a look!

Milititaria Archiv Carsten Baldes
The world-wide operating 'Militaria-Archiv Carsten Baldes' is naturally known for years as being a great source for garuanteed original German military items. Carsten specialises in medals and decorations but also has a wide range of other military items. His site also provides a well known 'copy of the week' section (ie. the 'copy archive') which is an excellent means to warn the community for fakes and copies. Carsten's weekly updates - almost every Friday at 14:00 hrs.! - are visited by most of the collectors' community! A great source for original items! If you are not in his data-base yet pls. ensure that you register ASAP! Of additional interest is moreover the newly created feature wherein one can easily search the entire price-list or 'Bewertungs-Katalog Deutschland 1871 - 1945 Online'. A MUST for every serious collector!!

Flanders Militaria
Finally also my friend Andre vandeWynckel has lauched his site! A very nice site with loads of authentic German WWII items! Andre is known from his presence at many European shows and is an expert in TR buckles and insignia. Please check this one out!

This is a nice site full of 'top-of-the-range' German and US military items. The owner, Matthieu, is a good friend and also a very knowledgable guy! He and his father are also running the 'Baugnez Historical Centre', being the best WWII museum in the Belgian Ardennes (see also the link above). Pls. feel free to visit his web-site!

Treasure Hunt Militaria
This is a site that specialises in WW1 militaria.The owner Sander is a nice guy! Contact him for any questions regarding WWI material.

Militaria 'De Foerier'
This is a fairly new site from one of my Dutch friends Rudi....he has a nice offering of militaria from various periods and is specialised in headgear and medals.

Peter Jenkins / SS-BW
Please have a look at this new web-site of my friend Peter Jenkins....Peter is one of the most knowledgable collectors and specialised dealers around and is world-wide known for his expertise within the field of SS-related items and Third Reich related militaria. Moreover is he as crazy as I am (or even more!) so a visit to his new web-site is strongly reccomended! A must see...

This a neat new Dutch web-site by my friend Jeroen....one of the new Dutch guys on the block...definitely reccomended by me!

This fairly new - also Dutch based - web-site is already known for being nowadays 'a hot web-site': many items are immediately sold in seconds after having been updated!. The site is handled by my friend Frederik who is very knowledgeable on genuine German WWII militaria with a specific focus on uniforms and equipment. Only quality-items here! Warmly reccomended by me!

World War Collectibles
My friend Arthur has a nice - and well organised! - shop in the town of Oss: here he shares offices with my friend Mark from IMCS. In his shop you can find a great selection of nice and original militaria (German and Allied).